Pool Chemicals and Maintenance Supplies

Pool chemicals like bromine and chlorine, along with pool shock, algaecides and pool clarifiers are essential for maintaining the health your pool’s water, keeping it crystal clear and safe to swim in.

All of the enjoyment and fun that takes place in your pool would not be possible without the most important component that allows it all to happen: pool chemicals. Using the perfect mixture of pool chemicals will result in the perfect, clear blue water we dream about on hot summer days. Pool chemicals work to kill harmful bacteria and other germs that can make a swimmer sick. While your pool’s filter works to remove dirt and debris, it can only recirculate smaller, harmful ingredients that cannot be seen with the naked eye and could possibly cause illness. The chemicals that go into your pool are what make the water safer for you and your family.

The pool maintenance supplies that are regularly stocked at Pools N More are all you will ever need to keep you pool performing optimally, and to keep it sparkling clean. By offering both quality and convenience, Pools N More provides pool maintenance equipment and accessories that provide excellent results while reducing the time and effort required for pool cleaning. Our automatic pool cleaners operate effectively and efficiently to remove dirt and debris from your swimming pool, with little to no effort on your part.

In addition to automatic pool cleaners, Pools N More carries pool maintenance supplies that include:

  • Pool skimmers
  • Leaf rakes and leaf gulpers
  • Wall brushes with reinforced bristles that allow for the easy removal of built up dirt and grime
  • Swimming pool stain erasers
  • Pool corner brushes
  • Scrubbing mitts
  • Telescoping poles
  • A selection of sealants
  • Pool and deck paint
  • And more!

As with all products available from Pools N More, our swimming pool maintenance supplies can be purchased at affordable prices. We offer only excellent quality, reliable products so that our customers may enjoy truly remarkable value and outstanding pool maintenance results. When it comes to keeping your pool clean and running in great shape, Pools N More is the go to source you can count on for the best products and the best prices. Not sure what pool chemicals you need for your pool? Stop on into our store and speak with a Pools N More professional, who can guide the way and get your pool sparkling!

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