Pool Vacuums and Rakes

A clean pool is necessary in order for you to be able to fully enjoy your swimming pool experience. An unclean pool, discolored water, or stained pool surfaces are not only ugly but can also cause serious health problems for swimmers. Along with cleaning pool walls and floors, it is also very important to clean your pool equipment in order for it to keep working efficiently. At Pools N More, we offer a number of cleaning supplies and accessories to help you maintain a clean pool and pool equipment, so that you may enjoy safe and healthy swimming water all the time. Visit our store and choose from a variety of:

  • Pool skimmers
  • Leaf rakes
  • Pool brushes
  • Pool Vacuums
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Pumice Stones
  • Drain Kings
  • Leaf traps
  • Telescopic poles

These tools will make keeping your pool clean a lot easier. The easiest way to make a dirty pool look good is a good vacuuming. All pools need to be vacuumed on a regular basis. The vacuum head attaches to the pole, and then a vacuum hose is attached to the vacuum head. The pole and vacuum head are then lowered into the pool.

In order to vacuum debris from the pool walls and floor, a vacuum hose is required. The vacuum hose connects to the vacuum head and telescoping pole and then it is lowered into the water. In just a few easy steps, the water and debris will be pulled into the filter pump basket via the swimming pool vacuum hose.

Pool vacuums use the pool’s filtration system by way of the vacuum hose and vacuum head, and are very effective in removing small particles that have settled on the floor of the pool. Vacuums are available in both wheel models and brush models. Wheel models are most often used in gunite and fiberglass pools, while brush models are used in vinyl-lined pools.

When you have the right equipment, maintaining a clean swimming pool is a breeze. For pools in areas with plenty of trees, large amounts of leaves can easily accumulate in the water. However, with the help of swimming pool leaf rakes and swimming pool skimmer nets, removing leaves from your pool can be fast and easy, so you can start swimming in a clean pool sooner.

At Pools N More, we carry an extensive selection of pool leaf rakes and pool skimmer nets, all of which are great tools to use for regular pool cleaning and maintenance. They are used to remove leaves from the bottoms of swimming pools and also to skim away surface debris. While the standard and pro-strength models are both great pool-cleaning tools, pro-strength swimming pool leaf rakes come with the added feature of an exceptionally sturdy leading edge for even greater scooping power.


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